The First Series Of Pakistan Notes

On March 1st 1949, five months after the Government Of Pakistan’s regular issue was released, 1-rupee and 2-rupee notes were issued. Both notes were printed by Bradbury Wilkinsion & Companey of Great Britain. The 1-rupee note was issued on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, while the 2-rupee note was issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (and was the first note issued in the name of that authority).

The one rupee note is green with a cresencent and moon and star dominating an otherwise geometric design on the front of the note. The watermark of a star and crescent moon is at the left of the note. The back of the note carries an illustration of the Naulakha Pavilion in the Lahore Fort, Pakistan. The Floral border pattern on the back of the note is based on a design from a copper surahi (a narrow -necked water jug).

1 rupee V.turnerNote 1 The First Series Of Pakistan Notes     1 rupee v.turner 2 The First Series Of Pakistan Notes

The 2-rupee note is brown, with an illustration of a tower from the tomb of Jahangir in Lahore illustrated on the front of the note. The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan, appears on the back. The watermark, which appears to the left on the front of the note, is once again a star and crescent moon. There is one peculiar aspect to the text on the front of the 2-rupee note. The urdu name of the ‘Stae Bank of Pakistan’, which appears on all notes issued by the authority, is more properly translated as ‘Bank Daulat Pakistan’, but the authority is usually referred to in English as the ‘State Bank of Pakistan”,  on the 2-rupee note the title ‘Bank Daulat Pakistan’ is followed by the literal phrase ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ in Urdu. This is the only note issued in Pakistan where this second phrase is used in Urdu.
2 rupee Z.hussainNote 11 300x165 The First Series Of Pakistan Notes  2 rupeeNote Z.hussain 2 300x165 The First Series Of Pakistan Notes

To be continued: see the post titled  ‘The Green 1-rupee note Prepared By Bradbury Wilkinson from United Kingdom.’


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